Two brothers Instagram and Snapchat


The battle of the social media platforms continues with Instagram and Snapchat Stories emerging as a hot topic these days. It seems silly to even question whether one is really better than the other, or whether it even matters, but if you are on either side of the argument, you know that it does matter to a lot of people.


Like many things in life, social media has its diehard fans. People who love and use Instagram will tell you a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t use Snapchat Stories, and vice versa. It’s the same argument people make about Apple vs. Android, or Mac vs. PC, or chocolate vs. vanilla. Those who like it, like it a lot.


A bit of background: Snapchat was the first to bring the idea of “stories” to the social media game. Instagram followed a few years later, but they might have the upper hand because first to market does not always spell success. Again though, if you are a fan of Snapchat, you might disagree.


Stories allow users to share video feeds of themselves on the popular platforms. Like Snapchat, Instagram removes story videos once they have been viewed so that they don’t linger on the internet. The major difference between Instagram and Snapchat Stories, however, is that Instagram shares your story with everyone. It’s like a free-for-all; whereas Snapchat remains more private and you can customize who you want to send your feeds to. So the platform you choose to use might depend on what you are posting and who you want to see your post.


It’s important to note that the users of Instagram and Snapchat are very different: Snapchat has the undivided attention of the younger crowd. According to a survey done earlier this year, 45% of Snapchat users are between the age of 18 and 24. Instagram’s age-range starts to reach into demographics including people in their early 30s.


Certainly, as pictures and videos continue to become a main form of communication, idea sharing, and relationship building, what we post and where will become more important. Instagram has a searchable history, so if you want to see everything your friend ate this year, Instagram is probably the place for you. If you want to share a funny moment with your boyfriend or girlfriend, Snapchat might be where you want to dabble.


The truth is that one is no better than the other: they both have their place in the social media market, and the stories they share have their different purposes as well. The social media market rids itself of those platforms that don’t belong or don’t have a good uptake right away, so if Snapchat and Instagram are still around, it’s because people want them to be. Like all things in life, though, someone has to come out the clear winner. And for that answer, we turn to the numbers: Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users, while Snapchat has only 300 million. Neither of those numbers is anything to roll your eyes at: multiple social media platforms never get off the ground. These guys have literally taken the social media world by storm.


So if you find yourself wanting to delete Instagram account, remember that it serves a different purpose and provides information to a different audience than your Snapchat Stories account. There is room in your life for more than one social media platform, after all.