Tips on your smartphone security

Tips on your smartphone security

Today’s mobile phones have become pocket computers. You can do pretty much anything on them as you can on your home computer. You can share files, search the web, play graphically demanding video games, connect to your social media accounts and email accounts. They are amazing, that is why we call them smartphones. Because they can do pretty much anything that we need them to. But, because the similarities that they share with the home computers, they can suffer the same problems. It doesn’t matter what kind of mobile phone you have, mobile security threats and prevention are true for all of us. Same dangers that can strike any computer that is connected to the internet or has a lot of complicated parts. So, how can improve the security of your smartphone? How can you make it as safe as possible? Well, let`s find out.

First, and foremost, don`t lose your smartphone

Probably the most common reason of smartphone security breaches has nothing with hacking the device or getting the access to the data that is stored inside it. The biggest problem is losing the phone. Every day there are around 200 000 lost devices, each day! This is because people don`t pay that much attention to their smartphones. Because of their portability, people think of them as an asset that can be changed frequently and easily. But that could not be farther from the truth. They are pocket computers. And as such you probably have some data on them that you would not want to release to the public. That is why you should protect your smartphone. Always check where did you put it or is it inside your pocket. This is the easiest step to secure your smartphone from potential dangers.

Be sure to use password or lock pattern for protecting your phone from unlocking by other people

This should be a no-brainer. You need to put at least some kind of security measure for unlocking your phone. Simplest ones are the lock patterns that are effective but could be undone with the person that has enough time and patience. The better option is to have a password for unlocking your phone. This will give you better and stronger protection from possible security breaches. But the best way and one that is becoming more popular with time is using the fingerprint scanner. Many new smartphones nowadays include fingerprint scanners on their devices. And this is possibly the easiest and best way to lock your phone from the other people. Because there are no two people who share the same fingerprint in the whole world. Every person has a unique fingerprint, which makes this option most viable for locking your phone from unwanted intruders.

Backup all of your important data

Backing up important data that you have stored on your smartphone can be the best thing that you can do for your security. That way even if you lose your smartphone or your smartphone brakes down, you will be able to access all the data that you have stored in a cloud storage. This ensures you that all of your sensitive and important data will be back with your on your new device or on your fixed device. And best options for that are Google Cloud service and Apple Cloud service. They will back up literary all the data that you had on your smartphone. From all the apps that you had installed on your device, to the all of the contacts that you had inside your smartphone. This is a very simple step to do, but it can literally save you from a whole nightmare of possible problems. So be smart and back up all the data that you have installed on your smartphone. You will definitely be grateful for that one day. Believe us.