How to secure your Google account?

How to secure your Google account


Google is one of the best internet software and search engine provider in the whole world. No one comes even close to the service and the quality that google offers to their customers. They offer many services, from video sharing platform Youtube, wich is the most popular video sharing site in the whole world. They also offer you one of the best email services in the whole world Gmail which is an almost perfect platform. They even have their own social media site and map service on which you can see any place in the whole world! Every person that uses the internet even for a little bit should have their own google account. But what if someone wants to steal the account from you? What if some people want to hack your account at taking all of the data that you have stored on your google account? How can you protect your google account from all kinds of threats? Well, let`s find out.

First, set up account recovery system

Google offers you an extremely valuable service which can help you recover your google account in a case if you lose or forgot your Google account password. But the best thing is that it allows you to recover your account even if it is hacked. Way to recover your Google account is pretty simple. First, go to the and then proceed to sign-in to your account.  When you get logged in, proceed to the Security listing. After that, click on the Account recovery options. Google will then redirect you to the Account Recovery homepage where you can set up a phone number or other email address for recovery of your google account.

Be sure to enable 2-step verification

If you want to add even more security to your google account, then you should enable 2-step verification. This will offer you yet another layer of security. If you have 2-step verification enabled, when you try to access your account from an unknown device, Google will ask you for that extra step to authenticate that this is really you and that only you yourself are trying to access your account. To activate this feature you need to go to the security and then click on the Edit button next to the 2-step verification. This second step of verification will include a special code that you would receive on your mobile phone. Which makes the whole process much safer.

Create the specific password for your Google account.

This is probably the simplest step that you can take to secure your Google account. Many people use the same password for many other accounts and services that they use. That is why you should be smart and create a specific password which you will use only for your Google account. Definitely, make it almost impossible to guess and very specific, because that is the way that you will remember it most easily. And this should go without saying but never tell your password to anyone! Not even the person that is closest to you because you never know what could happen with time and if they could accidentally tell your password to someone.

Make your password as strong as possible

This part is an extension of the last advice. When you are creating a password for your google account, be sure that password itself is strong and pretty much impossible to guess. Be sure that you create the password from the words and numbers that are only specific to you and no one else. You need to be the only person that knows the meaning of those words and letters because if you create the password from the words that are specific to the other people. There is a chance that they could guess your password and access your account.

Try to make it as private as possible

If google account is the main service that you use online, try to give your email info to the least amount of people. By giving the info to a larger number of people, you put yourself in a danger that someday this info could reach someone who had bad intentions and who could hack your google account with no problem. Give your google account information only if it is really necessary.