Is your internet history is on sale now?

Is your internet history is on sale now

Internet privacy is on a brink of the end. There are many bills that governments try to pass just get access to all of your internet history, all of your habits that you do online. They want to know pretty much everything about you. About your hobbies, habits, things you like to by, your political views, where do you stand on pretty much any topical topic in the world. And business companies want to get the data that will give them an insite to your habits of shopping and what you are searching online. That way they would know how to market the product to you. Which products have better chance to get bought by you. This seems scary and invasive. And you would be right. Will all of our internet data become just a business opportunity for companies to earn even more money? Will we lost even that little privacy that we still have? Are we just numbers to them? Is our internet history on sale for highest bitter? Has our society really come to that point? Has that privacy no place in it? And could that open the Pandora box that will be impossible to close once that it’s open? Well, let’s find out.

Why is this possibility so dangerous?

Why is the chance of selling your internet history so dangerous for our society and for every individual person? Well, first. It gives the chance that highest bitter gets all the info about you. All of your habits, all of your comments that you have written online. All of your internet shopping history. They would have pretty much access to every point of your internet life. And most dangerous part of it is that you don`t know what they will do with it? What are they capable of doing? Maybe they want to find out if you have written anything inappropriate to someone, and with that, they could destroy your life. We live in the time when even the smallest mistake that we make could cost us out social life if it is caught on camera and uploaded online. Maybe you have done something stupid in your past, something that you are not proud of. And if some company buys your history from an internet provider, they would be able to do pretty much anything that they want with that information. They could sue you, blackmail you, do pretty much anything that they want. They could also sell it to the other business that wants to sell you their product and push it on you until you reach a breaking point. And the worst thing is that you would not be able to do anything because your internet history is now part of some company that paid the biggest amout of the money to get it. This defenetly seems very scary, and it is. It is also very dangeraus to all of us if we allow the agenda of politicians and whole govermants to make internet a market, not a free and safe place as it used to be.

Will this ever become a reality?

Now when we understand the dangers of companies buying your internet history information, will this become a reality? Is there really chance that one day companies would be able to buy all the information about your internet history. Unfortunately, there is a chance that this will become a reality. Especially now when the US got the new president who is more conservative and more oriented to the capitalism. There are even laws that are trying to get a pass which will allow internet providers to set up priority sites. With this, internet providers could create the situation where you can`t reach some site at the same speed as you can one that is put as priority. This would mean the death of the free internet, of the equal access to the all of the sites on the web. And if this law passes, we could really see this come true. And, after that, what could stop them to continue to destroy the internet as a free and equal access platform? What could stop them? Well, there is a way to stop them.

The people

The only way that we can stop this regression of our rights and regression of the internet itself is by fighting back. Corporations are strong. They have a lot of power, a lot of influence. But all of that means nothing if the people as a whole are not using their services. And that is the way that we can fight for our right to privacy and free internet. That is the only way that they will definitely hear us. Because, without people, without their customers, they are nothing, they would crumble and fall into oblivion. And believe us, they are scared of that possibility. That is why they are trying to pass those laws under our noses. That is why we don`t hear in a mainstream media about this problem. Because they are trying to hide it from us. They are trying to keep it under the wraps and hope that no one would notice. On, but they are wrong. We have noticed, and we will fight. We will fight for our right to have a private and safe internet. We will fight for all of the internet, not just for big sharks in the water.


So, in the end, is your internet history on a sale right now? Well, it shouldn`t be, but there is a high possibility that it is. That is why we need to fight back and try to expose companies if they are doing it. If they are illegally getting our history information and selling it to the highest bitter. Because, if we don`t do that, they will accept this as a norm. They will allow themselves to keep this practice as a norm. And that is why we need to expose them, because if this becomes the norm, internet as we know it is doomed.

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