Information you should never keep in your computer

Information you should never keep in your computer


Computers are wondrous creations of the technology. They have changed the world in many ways. They have allowed us to be connected, with one another across the world. They have also allowed us to create a big databases on which we can store all the data that we need. They are probably the most important invention of 20th century. But as much as they helped our society to move forward, there are many dangers of using one, especially if you are connected to the internet or if your only stored data is on a digital media. This could cause you some serious problems if your computer stops to work as it should. If it breaks down. Or worse, if someone hacks your computer and takes all the important data from it. There were many instances of this, some companies have botched because of hacking. Intellectual properties were stolen from the companies. People had their identities stolen by just having the information available on their own computer. This definitely seems very scary, and that is the reason why you should never keep some information on your computer. And what info you should never keep on your computer? Well, we will give you an answer to this question in this article. So let`s start.

Inappropriate material that includes yourself

We are definitely against all kinds of illegal materials, and as such, we won`t mention those types of data because in most cases those people deserve what happens to them. In this case, we will talk about inappropriate materials that include you or your significant other. Storing sexual pictures or videos on your own computer can be really dangerous move. This could allow the hackers to have an access to all of your pictures and videos that you have stored on your computer. They could use that data and information to extort money from you, or even worse, they could release it online without even knowing it. That is why intimate materials should be kept on some external devices if you really need to have them. If not, then better. You will be safer and there will be no chance that someone would get the information or data that could embarrass you. Or even worse, to destroy your life as it is now.

Personal data

This should go without saying. But you should never store personal data on your computer. Never store your identification info, your bank account info, or any kind of information that is unique to you. If you do it, you could be in a serious trouble. This is probably the most sensitive data that you should keep your computer. And there are many reasons for it.

First, hackers can get all of your info that is unique to you, which means that they can effectively steal your identity and do what they want with it. They could open bank accounts on your name. They could also create internet profiles on all kinds of social media pages or other, and use it for embarrassing you.  Or even worse, to destroy your life. To make you look like you are some kind of crazy person that is stalking the others, that makes treats and etc. And you could end up in jail just because some hackers have presented themselves as you. Which is something that no one would like to experience.

Same goes for keeping your bank information on your computer. This could cause you major problems that could ruin your financial stability. Hackers would have an access to all of your bank information, which, in the end, would give them access to your finances. They would be able to take all the money that you have on your bank account. Or even worse, they could take such big amounts of money that they would bankrupt you and destroy your life. That is why all the sensitive data that you have should be kept as physical documents only or inside your head. That is the safest and most effective way to keep your personal information out of the reach of hackers or some shady agency hands. Your personal data is only yours, keep it that way.

3.Social media accounts, e-mail address password

This might sound strange to some people, but you should never keep the information about your social media accounts on your computer. This mostly refers to the password. Because if you keep your password on your computer, there is a chance that some hacker would be able to get that information and take over your social media account. They could ask you for ransom for returning your account to you. Or they could present themselves as you on social media page and create big problems on your profile. For example, they could write inappropriate messages to your friends, like groups or pages that are controversial or even illegal. They could also close your account and you would lose the access to all of your friends that you might not be in contact for a long time, and a social media account was the only way to communicate with them. Same goes for your email address. You should never keep your email password on your computer. The only place where it should be is in your head or on the paper beside your computer. Email is a most formal way of communication with other people, and most businesses use them to communicate with their employees. By losing the access to your email you could lose a lot more than just a connection to your email address. But you could get in serious problems if the financial info is also connected to your email address. Which is just a disaster waiting to happen.

Now, when you have more knowledge about the potential problems of keeping your information on your computer, we really hope that you will think about it and remove all the sensitive data that you have stored on your computer. Because you never know from where and when potential danger will come.