8 ways to protect yourself online

8 ways to protect yourself online

The Internet is such an amazing invention by our human race. It gives us access to all the information in the whole world. It allows us to be connected even if we are on another side of the Earth. It connects the people in the groups that in the past were pretty much impossible. The Internet really is an amazing thing. But, like with every great invention, there are some problems and dangers. As much as the internet is an open place with many opportunities, it is also a place where a lot of illegal actions are committed. Identity thefts, bank accounts was stolen, databases corruption and etc. The Internet is dangerous, but there are steps that you can take to protect yourself from all the dangers that it presents. And which are those actions? Well, let`s find out.

1.Protect your personal information

You would be amazed how much can one hacker do with stolen personal information. They can literally create fake accounts in banks, social media and etc. with the data that they have stolen from you. They can even present themselves online as they are really you. Which sounds pretty scary when you think of it. That is why you should keep your personal information for yourself, only add it to the apps that are really necessary. But don`t share it on any other platform or with someone. Because you never know who is watching, and possibly ready to steal your personal information.

2.Don`t share too much information

Many young people and people who love social media pages make this mistake. They share pretty much every part of their day with the rest of their friends, and potentially rest of the world. You have probably heard about robberies that have happened while people were on vacation. And the reason why robbers knew that their home is empty was, you guessed it, because they have shared their photos from vacation. Many criminals nowadays are searching social media pages to try to find their next prey. That is why if you want to protect yourself from this kind of danger, don`t upload pictures while you are on vacation, upload them when you come back home. That way you will prevent potential robbery that might occur. And, of course, don`t put your home address on your social media account. That is the stupidest thing that you can do alongside sharing too much information. Be careful out here.

3.Keep your drivers up to date

Keeping your computer up to date with all of the driver’s updates is one of the best things that you can do to protect yourself from potential dangers of the internet. Especially if you regularly update your antivirus drivers and keep them up to date. Only that way those antivirus programs will be able to protect you from the latest dangers and potential threats that might come your way. Many people make this mistake and they don`t update their drivers regularly. Don`t be one of them, you need to be as safe as possible while you are connected to the web. Other people aren`t, and that is why they have problems with security breaches. You won`t if you keep everything up to date on your computer.

4.Make your password as strong as possible

This should go without saying, but creating a password that is strong and pretty much impossible to guess is your best option to protect all of your important data and accounts online. Every year we can see the list of the most used passwords in the world and how simple they are. Don`t be like those people. Don`t let the hackers to have an easy task of getting your information. You should also try to change the password regularly, because there is a chance that site on which you have an account could get hacked. So be sure to change all of your passwords once in a while.

5.Never take suspicious online offers and contest

There are a million ways that hackers will try to get your information. Maby of them use fake contests and offers to do so. And unfortunately, many people fall for this kind of scam. Luckily, most of those scam sites do look like cheap sites which will immediately tell you that there is something fishy about that website or the offer itself. But some are made with top notch quality. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

6.Be sure that your bank is doing all to protect you from potential theft

Before you even buy a single item online, you should see what kind of protection does your bank offers you. Some banks have a top notch protection and they will alert you if anything fishy happens to your bank account or your funds. But some banks don`t offer enough protection, some don`t even offer any kind of protection. That is why you need to be sure that bank which holds your account is offering great protection from potential theft. If not, change the bank. Simple as that.

7.Always keep close eye on your finances

This should go without saying, but you should keep a close eye on your finances. Only that way you will be able to find out if something is wrong with your account. If someone, potentially is trying to steal the money from you. If you have a good bank, they will contact you and tell you about the potential problem. But it is best to be sure. Just keep the close eye on your finances and everything will be good.

8.Make your online payments directly

By making all of your online payments directly to the site from which you are using the service, you are protecting yourself from potential email theft. It is a really dangerous to have your credit card connected to your email address. Because if the hackers take over your email address, they will also have an access to your credit card information. And you know what that would mean.

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